My love for creating photos and video was inherited from my Grandmother at an early age. From as early as I can remember... around age 6, my Grandmother was always carrying around a camcorder and filming birds, flowers, road trips, and her grandchildren playing in the yard. She noticed my interest in shooting video and confidently lent me her RCA camcorder to make a video of my own; out came my wrestling and superhero figurines for an action packed video like you had never seen before 😂
Apparently it was a success because... Gramma was impressed!⁠

My love for filming continued throughout my childhood, into my early school years and on into high school where I could take Video Production as a course. My first 'proper' experience with editing video was on an old Sony Beta Max editor in Grade 10. By the time I hit grade 12 and had shot and edited several BMX and Skateboard videos, a new incredible tool came along... Digital video editing blew my mind!

From that point on, shooting and editing photos and video has played a solid role in my hobby and professional life. I have been creating Video, Photos, Social Media Content, Branding and Animated Graphics professionally since⁠ 2015

I am proud to call Kamloops, BC home where I am married to the most incredible woman in the universe!! My wife Brittany has been the most encouraging and supportive person of my life.

I feel truly privileged to work in photo and video production where my focus is to create digital media content that stands out above the rest in a field which is constantly evolving.⁠

To all of my valued clients... Thank you!
Jason Jones
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